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Its another summer…I have been sharing with someone the story of my ajebutter2.

He just came to me and said” mommy I want a snack.” My son could not speak nor sleep for his first years. I remember him pointing and throwing a tantrum and everyone said he would speak…I thought No…I talk to this child and he cannot speak. He cannot sleep…I had enough problems I thought. Then he started having eye issues too…he would walk into things, sit and cry and I would hide and cry. I had to get off my butt and start making calls to get help his speech issues. For the other issues, he had to get surgeries for…his tiny body was always sleeping by my side…I had to make sure he was breathing…he was so small…He got a therapist for speech…She was a beautiful Caucasian girl and had the most beautiful blond curly hair…my son was always upset… but when he saw her hair he would climb her legs and play with it…”mama hair!” That day I cried…he spoke…gradually He started speaking…he had to start school and she had to stop coming…she and I cried and shared hugs…she taught me a lot…That same summer he got hospitalised three different times…I forgot everyone else and every thing else…

Today he turned seven. I am quite ecstatic. This is five surgeries later; the child who suffered from severe strabismus and speech delay has refused to keep quiet. He talks my head off every day 🙂


I remember before his birthday, I asked him “what would you like to eat and he replied the shrimp, the rice, the suya and yummy chicken wings. and guess what mommy did? Mommy delivered…. If there are people I enjoy cooking for it’s my ajebutters. Although one is growing to be picky, they still stay within African meals.  All I did was pile their plates with jollof rice, fried rice, beef suya, chicken wings, asparagus and salad with some gluten free croutons; yes corn bread croutons. And just as I loaded their plates with food, they gobbled it down. Uber proud!

I made the Jollof rice with coconut oil and no tomato paste; just fresh tomatoes an some red bell peppers  known as tatase to us Nigerians. For the chicken wings I whizzed some shallots(onion will do), garlic, salt, pepper, suya spice, soy sauce, thyme, bouillon(optional) and oil all blended into a smooth paste; then worked into the chicken to marinade for about 12 hours. The shrimp was my favorite. It went great with a pepper dip. I made up my own recipe which I will share soon. And yes I realized that I love asparagus…cooked with salt pepper and parmesan cheese; then tossed in a little oil or melted butter and grilled.  All my son could do was scream “Thank you mommy!” “Dinner is delicious he said.”


You know, I never knew my boy would ever speak, walk or even run and play like he does today. His favorire song is One directions’s nobody can drag me down.” And Justin Beiber’s “Sorry” In fact I enjoy watching him sing these songs; #becausenobodycandragusdown

The boy has been through a lot; from when I was pregnant with him until now. I remember once when I was pregnant,  I went for my pre-natal visit and I was told by my mid wife that he was stressed and that my amniotic fluid was diminishing. His saving grace was his head that he had in the bottom part of the fluid. God was determined to give me this boy because I carried him through all the depression and stress that came my way.

Why am I sharing this…people ask why did I hide my son…I had to…I owe no one an explanation but I felt I had to shield him from the evil eye…he had suffered enough…I am obsessed with my ajebutters…all I want to give them is my love…my father never got to see them but I believe it is well…

See God never said that the weapons wouldn’t form. He only said that they won’t prosper. Isaiah 54:17. His promise to us is sure 🙂


  1. I'd rather remain anonymous says:

    Aww. God has a purpose for everything. God bless your fam ?. God bless you to. Happy birthday Aje 2

  2. fomzycuisine says:

    Wow deep ,yes indeed they will not prosper Amen.You have got a beautiful family dear.And that food spread is what led me here,love how the shrimp was lined in that suya stick.I give it to you,your a foodholic .

  3. florence says:

    Your family is beautiful inside out, happy birthday to your son. He will fulfil his days and purpose. I rejoice with you.

  4. Sweetness Delights says:

    Wow! As a mother, I can feel every word you wrote here. Very deep. Happy 7th birthday to your son. May he continue to be a source of pride & joy.

  5. Chiago says:

    Oh my God! I came looking for food…but found encouragement in your testimony plus a grateful heart! May God continue to bless, favor, guide and protect you and all yours. You will continue to testify…Remain blessed!

  6. Chinwe says:

    I imagined hw u felt durin doz moment of trials,hw u sumounted d ordeal wit courage,faith nd patience.God has put smiles on ur face,He wil always b ur strenght.hapi belated birthday 2him ur priceless jewel

  7. Sandy says:

    I love your writing and I love your fierce mama instincts! May God continue to surprise you with your children’s achievements and growth and may His blessing remain in your family amen! I love this blog (just stumbled upon it!). Abeg I get work to do na so so food recipes I de read since this evening!! God bless you real good as my mom will say!

  8. Dedun says:

    God is awesome!!
    Happy birthday dear? May the Almighty God continue to bless and keep you and you will continue to be a blessing to your generation
    Well done super mummy! I know how stressful the experience must have been. To God alone be the glory!

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