10 Minutes With Daniel Nwosu. Aka ThatsDax

Meet Mr. Daniel Nwosu Aka Thatsdax. A musician and college student with a love for basket ball who happens to be a Nigerian American; with a humility so humbling. Yes oh! We are proud of this young man. With his hit “I Want” making waves, Daniel has more 100k followers on Instagram, but he is more than an Instagram sensation and his music is being played beyond the shores of the United States.

I first heard of Daniel on Facebook. I fell in love with his music and pretty much said to myself “This guy is going to dine with kings.”Then I saw him on Instagram and listened to his music again and for obvious reasons, he reminded me of Pac. His cover of the shape of you done by Ed Sheeran is my favorite of his music. He mostly talks about real life’s issues and with the type of rap music being played out there, Daniel is the truth! That goes to say that to the American and Nigerian music industry, Daniel is the reincarnation of Tupac. The real Jollof of West Africa.


Once in a while, I like to talk to Nigerian celebrities who are also foodies. I’m sure that there are little things we would love to know about them; like what they eat, if they make their own food, if they eat eba with their fingers…I know celebs are humans too, but let me tell you, it’s quite fascinating to know little things about them. It sort of gives you the feeling that you know them. So officially, I know Daniel oh! he’s my friend *tongue out…Not everyday recipe abi? You’re in for a treat with this one 🙂

Read interview below:

Nigerianlazychef: Where in Nigeria are you from?

Thatsdax: “Father is from Lagos Nigeria.”

Nigerianlazychef: How do you balance your real life, and being a musician; especially one representing Nigeria in the USA. Do you feel pressured to do well sometimes?

Thatsdax: “I balance it by realizing that while there is a time for everything, not everything in my life deserves the same amount of time. Sacrifices must be made. It is honestly not very hard as I am thinking all day about everything and whenever an idea comes to mind I write it down right away. I always try to get things done in the moment. In terms of pressure, I feel none. I just be myself and I know that is enough.”

Nigerianlazychef: Well obviously you have got to be a foodie. What’s your favorite food and how often do you get to eat it?

Thatsdax: “My favorite food is rice. On a good day I will eat at least twice. I can literally eat it for every meal if I choose to.”

some Nigerian jollof for you Daniel 🙂

Nigerianlazychef: How did you get your break into Music?

Thatsdax: “I got my break in music by looking for viral content and trying to create a song around that. I made a song that had to do with the election here in America and it blew up. It was a remake of Timmy Turner by Desiigner that I called Hilly Hilly Clinton.”

Nigerianlazychef: How do you impact the community around you with your work?

Thatsdax:”I impact the community around me with my work by trying to place messages inside my music. All my songs usually have a purpose. I think this serves as the outlet for not only children but grown folks to hear positive things in a melody that is pleasing.”

Nigerianlazychef: How did you find out your passion was music?

Thatsdax:”I found my passion for music randomly when I started writing poetry on a trip for basketball games. I always liked music and free-styling for fun but the poetry created a want to inspire. This grew when I found out I could reach more people through music.”

Nigerianlazychef: When it comes to your career, where do you see yourself in the future?

Thatsdax:”When it comes to my career I see myself being one of the top artists in the world. I also see myself being an ambassador and creating a positive change in the world. Not only  through my music but through things I say and do publicly.”

Nigerianlazychef: What is one thing you want us to know about you, that we do not know?

Thatsdax:”One thing that I want people to know about me that they don’t is that I fear mediocrity and run from everything that is. I believe we all have greatness within us. I will never settle for mediocrity.”

Nigerianlazychef: What is one thing you want us to know about kicking off your career?

Thatsdax:”One thing I want everyone to know about me kicking off my career is that it’s  my goal change the world. I also know that I must be the change I want to see. This is no easy task and I’m ready to take on the challenge; represent myself, my family, and Nigeria.”

Nigerianlazychef: What advice will you give to me and others who are pursuing their passion; mine being food?

Thatsdax:”The best advice I can give to anybody is to believe in what you’re doing and once you create this unshakable belief, make it your life goal to tell as many people about it as possible.”

You can follow Daniel on Instagram at @Thatsdax, Twitter @Thatsdax. And to listen to his music on youtube, link here


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