Top Walmart Cakes to Order for Your Birthday

Walmart cakes are an easy way to make a birthday special. Different flavors and designs are available to make it so easy to throw a surprise birthday party or to plan your own celebration. Flavors like chocolate, white, rainbow blast and tres leche will tempt any taste. Choose sheet cakes or round cakes with whipped or buttercream icing options. Hershey’s chocolate or strawberry whipped filling is light, fluffy and delicious. If something more decadent is in order, then premium fillings like lemon, Bavarian cream, caramel or raspberry will delight the birthday girl or boy. Icing colors in 15 vivid shades can match up with any decor or party theme.

1. Personalized Photo Cake
A personalized photo cake makes a great birthday cake. Take with you a favorite photo to the Walmart Bakery when you go to place your order. The photo can be transferred onto most Walmart cakes for an additional fee. The photo cake is a wonderful way to celebrate the big event. The picture can be transferred onto the cake alone, or it can be part of a decoration like a race car (with the birthday boy as the driver). This option is great for 16-year-olds who just took their driver’s license. Walmart cakes prices vary by the designs and options you choose.

2. Two-tiered Princess Cake
Is this the big birthday for the birthday girl? A two-tiered princess cake is perfect for a princess. The bottom tier is quilted pink with tiny pearl accents. The top layer is a lighter pink with a sparkling crown on top. Ruffled layers surround the bottom and second layer in two-tone pink. There is also a ‘diamond’ wand for the belle of the ball. This cake serves 64 people, enough for a birthday celebration with friends and family. If that will not be enough, the 3-tiered cake serves 134 people – great for events where extended celebrations.

3. Tiered Chocolate Cake or Whipped Chocolate Cake
People who would rather see their favorite animals or candy sprinkles on the cake can have their cake and eat it too. Kitty cats, candy sprinkles or even sayings can be made onto sheet cakes or tiered cakes. Choose a tiered cake with no sayings or pictures – just chocolate sprinkles and plenty of whipped chocolate icing, all wrapped up with a bow (your choice of colors). Select an edible name tag and place it in the name area. For an extra fee, choose fondant stripes, dots, or photo image strips in leopard prints, bicycles or chevron patterns. Edible image designer prints in gold or silver are a wonderful option for a 50th birthday cake.

4. “Happy Birthday” Cake
A simple ‘Happy Birthday’ cake with yellow frosting, red piping and plastic picks that say ‘Celebrate’ is enough to make an ordinary day into a special birthday. Add party pick balloons, cupcakes, and party hats to further dress up your sheet cake for the birthday girl or boy. The 1/4 sheet cake will serve 24 people. Or choose a party combo that includes a cake and cupcakes for those who love both. The combo comes with a small center cake and 12 cupcakes. It serves 16 people – great for a small family celebration.

Probably the most popular of the Walmart cakes is the 1/4 sheet cake that serves 24. This versatile cake can be marbled to suit two different flavors in one cake. It can be decorated with photos, words, plastic ‘Happy Birthday’ picks, flowers or fondant decorations. Names and messages can be spelled out on the wide surface. Add in some whipped topping and the cake is delicious birthday perfection. Celebrate your big day with a custom cake made your way by the Walmart bakery.

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