10 Minutes With RMD(Richard Mofe Damijo). Your Favorite MCM

When I was a growing girl Richard Mofe Damijo was every young girl’s dream and prince charming. These days he seems to even swoon more grown women without even knowing it. Richard Mofe Damijo AKA RMD never seems to age. In fact he ages backwards. The more grey his beard grows in, the better he looks. In fact, if Deyemi’s beard is the real Black Panther, RMD’s salt and pepper beard is the entire Marvel team. He is the only Nigerian actor with a very popular and recognized initials(RMD). He has played in a lot of classics like “Violated,” “out of bounds” and “diamond ring.” He always played the handsome love interest who would almost die for love.  These days my favorite of his movies is “The wedding party.” He also plays Mr. X on his family series.

I remember telling myself when I was a growing girl that I would marry RMD 😀 Please don’t roll your eyes at me because a lot of you still have such fantasies and still post his pictures as your future baby daddy 😛 These days, RMD is more like an uncle to me. He is easy to talk to, he recognizes hard work, he encourages where it’s needed. Talking to him felt like talking to the real Hercules; a demi god. It was so surreal and I literally had to stop myself from screaming when he agreed to interview with me.

When it comes to RMD’s dress sense, he is a very versatile dresser. He can go from casual to dressy to traditional and very dressed down all in one day. Your favorite #MCM is also your favorite #zaddy 😛

I remember realizing RMD was following me on Instagram, I took to my Facebook page and whooped loudly. It was like winning the lottery, kind of a dream come true. I wasn’t going to marry him, he wasn’t my baby daddy, but look at God hehehe 🙂 I was more star struck than anything else. I don’t care how much he is worth. He can stare at me all day everyday 🙂

One thing I admire about the man that is RMD is his faith and the way he relies on the grace of God for everything he is. It’s not easy for a lot of popular people to spread the message that is God’s grace. But Bros why is your favorite food beans? If it was moin moin, I for gree.

Another thing that makes RMD beautiful is his respect for women. I have never seen a man celebrate women the way he does. When he joined in celebrating me for International women’s day, I was so ecstatic, but funny enough it was more of a quiet celebration for me this time. I was more in awe that someone whom I thought was quite unreachable would celebrate me in such a way and he even saw that I was worth celebrating.

You just have to read our interview below to understand the enigma that is RMD. It’s like you know him, but then you really don’t and it’s a beautiful thing.

NLC: You’re an actor. What got you into the profession?
RMD: “Acting has and will always be my first love. I never went into acting for the fame because back then, there wasn’t so much fame to get from it. So I would say my passion got me into acting.”

NLC: How do you balance your family life, being a husband and being a popular actor?
RMD: “The same way I have managed to balance it for decades, which is by the grace of God. I can never over emphasize the role that God’s grace has played in my life.

NLC: I can tell you’re an obvious foodie. What’s your favorite food and how often do you get to eat it?
RMD: “I love beans. I can eat beans all day everyday and I actually do, well, most times.”

NLC: How did you get your break into the movie scene?
RMD: “Persistence, diligence, hard work and more importantly, God’s grace.”

NLC: How do you impact the community around you with your work?
RMD: “I recently spoke to a group of young men at a WARIF program, educating them on how not to sexually, physically, emotionally, or mentally abuse women and how they can also be protectors and not perpetrators or enablers. I also have a crop of young people I mentor and between my wife and I, we run a project where we give back to the education and livelihood of the underprivileged especially within my immediate local community, but this is something we keep under wraps because we don’t do it for ‘the gram’.”

NLC: How did you find out your passion was acting?
RMD: “Let’s just say I grew up discovering I wanted to be on stage, I wanted to be a voice, a force, an impact.”

NLC: When it comes to your career, where do you see yourself in the future?
RMD: “Doing more than I’ve ever done.”

NLC: What is one thing you want us to know about you, that we do not know?
RMD: “I’m an excellent cook and I love to cook.”

NLC: I saw the story you shared about yourself on Instagram. It was about trying to grow and make it and being faithful with little. What prompted you to do that?
RMD: “My goal in life is to motivate and inspire. So any way I can, I try to speak to at least the one person who needs the inspiration at that time.”

NLC: What advice will you give to me and others who are pursuing their passion; mine being food?
RMD: “Self develop, trust the process, put in the work, always seek ways to elevate, grow your art, and do not stop trusting God.”

Thank you sir. May God’s grace for ever abide with you 🙂


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