How to make “Ncha” with Ngo’

So I am enjoying blogging about food and today I bring you my adventures with ngó (palm kernel skin burnt into ash). Last year while I was on a phone call with my sister, I complained about how my ‘akanwu’ aka potash was out and how badly I needed a new stash. She almost screamed the phone out of my ear saying “that thing is a chemical and can be quite poisonous, do you want to hurt yourself?” “I shall send you some ngó.” Making faces as if she could see me, I asked “what is that?” Laughing she said “ah, oyinbo. I dun forget say you be ajebutter. It is made out of the covering of the palmnut. After it is burnt, the ashes can be used for ncha.” “When you recieve it, just let me know and I shall teach you how to use it.” Well, almost a year later, I decided to open and use my stash of ngo, but I had forgotten how to use it. I decided to reach out to Jackie right after I had posted a question on a facebook group (so you think you can cook aka ‘sytycc’) asking questions on how to use it. Jackie, this lady seems to know all these things and she gladly shares her ideas. Well, she gave me some directions and so did some really kind members of the group. I tell you some people are just like angels in human form. Thank you guys. According to Jackie, she said she does 1part ngó and 2 to 3 parts water all mixed together while gently stirring. She also said it must taste like potash…”okay na!” I said to myself excitedly. The ladies from the food group also said mix ngó and water then use and save. Another question I asked Jackie was, “do I refrigerate?” And Jackie’s answer was “No, let it stay in room temperature and just mix and pour into your palm oil when you want to use it.” So let’s get right to it Here is a photo of my ngó   I measured a tablespoon and mixed with 3 table spoons of luke warm water. I stirred and tasted the ngó and it tasted just like potash water. Eureka! (thank you for the tip Jackie). I let the ngó mix sit while I measured a little portion of palm oil into another bowl. I mixed the water from the ngo’ with the oil and it came out perfect, only with some sand(I had a picture, which has refused to upload, but you may check it out here The ngó  made the oil thicken as with the potash, but alas! It had the ngó particles…”no no no” I thought to myself. Then ding!!! I may need to filter this thing into the oil. Off I went to try it again with another little bowl of oil with my tiny sieve in tow and the result was voila! Creamy goodness. Finally my little sieve came in handy


20150129_113527 (2)

20150129_114359 (2)

20150129_114715 (2)

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