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So it was Easter’s day but before Easter was my ajebutter2’s birthday. I like to celebrate his birthday on Easter day because they are just a few days apart. I have to say that after Christmas, the next biggest Holiday for the children is Easter. I have to say this birthday was absolutely fun all the way and extra special because it was more intimate this year. I invited my child hood friend and her children. You know the funny thing about my friend and I? we grew up together. We were in kindergarten together, our families have always been close and for some reason, we ended up in the same state. Splendidly freaky and absolutely lovely for us that our kids are growing up together just like we did

I wanted this birthday and Easter to be fun and satisfying for us so I decided to make some of our favorite foods.

I won’t say too many stories because should I start, it won’t end too early :). Let us just feed our eyes with all the mouth watering dishes

Happy Easter You guys

We started off the day with some home made Nigerian egg rolls and hot cocoa…recipe for egg rolls here


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Nigerian Egg Rolls

Recipe for eggrolls here

As my son’s guests arrived we continued the day with the following dishes

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Immaculate’s goat curry stew


Recipe for Immaculate’s Goat meat curry stew here

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Onugbu (bitter leaf) soup

Recipe coming soon

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Coconut rice

Recipe coming soon

IMG_1382 (2)

Roasted fish

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goat head casserole ie Isi-ewu

Recipe for Isi-ewu here

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Cheesy corn and home made buttermilk jumbo nuggets


IMG_1400 (2)

IMG_1399 (2)

Home made cheesy corn


IMG_1408 (2)

Birthday cake to top up

The nuggets were a hit with all the children. We decided to do corn because both of our children love corn. Over all, every kid had fun and before it was even 8pm, Mr celebrant had a bath and was tucked in his bed.

Happy Easter!






  1. Calabar Gal says:

    Oh the torture looking at all this yummy food! Remind me again – why was I not invited to this party?!?!?!?

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