Mrs Denton’s Frejon


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What is Frejon. According to google “Frejon is a  coconut bean soup which is eaten especially during the Holy week by  a selection of Christians, mostly Catholics across the world.”

I am part of a group on facebook called  So you think you can cook and the Group’s owner Kemi Adeniyi Kale always talks about Frejon every Easter. I happened to be talking to her today and for some reason she started talking about Frejon. The woman can describe food to the core and I am almost always surprised why she has no food blog. Well, she told me I could have her mother’s recipe. I have to say that I am honored to recreate Mrs Denton’s  Frejon. Thank you Sisi Kemi

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Sisi Kemi, calls the cooking of this dish a  labour of love and after cooking it, I now know why.

You can use either black beans or Pinto beans for this recipe. I chose pinto, as to me it tastes better.

Now let us get to how I made it

Ps: This hearty soup is normally served with Fried fish stew and dry garri

Recipe for fish stew may be found here: Fish stew



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Mrs Denton's Frejon
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • 16oz dry Pinto beans
  • I 400ml can coconut milk
  • salt to taste
  • 6 whole cloves(Optional)
  • ½tbsp sugar or sugar substitute
  1. Wash and boil beans without salt until really soft. Let it cool down a little; then transfer it into a food processor. Blend with half of the coconut milk until smooth then run it through an iron mesh sieve. If the blend is too think to go through the sieve, just gradually stir it through with a spoon until you have a pasty looking chaf left in the sieve
  2. Return the mixture in the pot to the stove on low heat, stir in the remaining coconut milk, along with the sugar, cloves and some salt to taste. (Do not over season. You want to be able to taste the coconut flavor). Cook slowly on low heat
  3. Make sure to stir the soup occasionally while the soup is cooking in order to prevent it from burning and forming lumps
  4. When the soup reaches your desired consistency, set aside and serve with fish stew and dry garri
  5. ]
If your garri is not toasted or dry enough you may toast it on the stove top or in the oven
If using cloves, tie them in a muslin cloth and remove after cooking



  1. Blossom says:

    I Nma, SYTUCC was founded by Bola Coker and not Kemi .as you put it ..Kemi is one of the admins appointed by Bola.She is very committed and doing a great job there despite that fact.A very wise and strict lady. I admire her steadfastness.

    • Nma Okpara says:

      Hi Blossom. Thank you for your comment. Yes Bola was the founder, but ownership of the group has changed hands. Kemi Kale is now the owner of So you think you can cook

  2. juliet says:

    Good day, Pls where can I get pinto beans to buy. Secondly, learnt it doesn’t get cooked on time, for how long is a long time.

    Thank u

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