One Year in Review. Happy Blogoversary


Hello February, happy Valentine and a happy anniversary to Nigerian Lazy Chef. Not only is this blog 1 year old, but the entire brand. And I’m beyond happy 🙂

I have come a long way. It all started on Facebook. I was already in a food group on Facebook(so you think you can cook). After some time in the group, I decided to open my own page; with the encouragement of  a few Facebook friends. I began to post some of my recipes on my page and I posted a few on my old blog. I slowly became friends with Ify of eating Nigerian; then one day she sent me a message asking me why I wasn’t blogging on my own domain name etc. I really could not give a definite answer. I told her I just didn’t know how I would keep up with it and etc.

One evening, while I was trying to go to sleep she sent me a message asking me what I would like my domain name to be. I was too tired to even think so I replied “Dine Africa.”(as it’s part of my project) “That name is taken.” she replied “Get me a name now!” and without thinking I replied “Nigerian lazy chef.” I knocked off and on Valentine’s morning she sent me a link and said “That’s your blog.” I freaked out with excitement and thanked her. That day, I celebrated Valentine in style and with my first recipe “Tumeric coconut rice.” Why did I share this story? I just wanted to tell you guys that it does pay to have the right people in your life especially at the right time.

A lot of people ask, why the name “Nigerian lazy chef” Well, if you know me you’ll know I love what I do, but getting up to do it is in fact a pain sometimes 🙂 So the name is like, I would love to say sort of an irony. That is, for someone who is lazy, I absolutely  enjoy the kitchen 🙂

Moving on, there are days I wonder if I’m doing the right thing, and other days I am totally happy to be a food blogger. There are days I consider the weight gain, but that’s why we celebrate bloggers like Ronke from  for being an amazing nutritionist. Being a food blogger is not as easy as it seems. Writing recipes is sometimes a pain sha. Although food blogging seems like a competitive market; which remains so; there is enough room for everyone and to each their creativity.

Food blogging for me is like therapy. As one who is recovering from depression, sometimes I find healing through cooking. It gives me joy to know that people use my recipes and with success 🙂

The most difficult aspect of blogging for me is photography. Getting a recipe together is mostly a breeze for me; especially with Nollywood in tow :), but once it comes to photography, I start freaking out. It’s safe to say, I’m sort of obsessed with food photography. To some it may not be a big  deal; while to me it’s one of the most crucial part of blogging. I just hope that I get a better camera, so my skills do not go to waste ehn.

In one short year, I have celebrated a lot. First it was by Ventures Africa’s article about 8 female bloggers changing the face of African cuisine. That was the first time, I felt good about blogging. Then CNN featured some of my pictures from my instagram account. Happy moments 🙂

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The one that made me ecstatic during the last year was when CNN travel featured me amongst the 5 African bloggers you need to start following now.  What I loved mostly about the article was the fact that they were able to capture who I really am. I love food history and I love to tweak recipes without taking away that essence that makes it 🙂

IMG_20150911_130125 (1)

There is the need for African food to be accepted by people of other cultures; and once my okra recipe got featured on krrb classifieds to represent Africa on world soup day and the feedfeed featured my recipe for okra, I had a small satisfaction that African food was beginning to make a global appearance. This is my analogy with the whole thing, if people can go out of their way to buy ingredients to cook foods from other cultures; then they can do the same with African cuisines. In fact we need to get my Chef crush Anthony Bourdain to visit Nigeria. Let someone feed him pounded yam and Egusi, make he sleep small 🙂

In the bigger picture I have some plans and I’ll mention one; which is to travel and cook African food at the same time i.e the Dine Africa project. With the richness of our food; there is not a reason why we shouldn’t be celebrating it 🙂

Celebrating one year is something that has put a smile on my face; along with this article by Ify of eating Nigerian. I am grateful to everyone, I’m grateful to GOD, I’m grateful to my people(fans). You all are amazingly encouraging. Thank you Oladipo of I also have to thank Nollywood for all their movies that kept me sane whilst in the kitchen and for all the food that I burnt while doing amebo; watching Nollywood 🙂 I also made special friends who are also foodies; like Nse Ikpe-Etim who became my sister and gave me cooking tips. That woman can cook sha.

There is also my mother, she laid the foundation for this passion and GOD has seen it through.

without mincing words, Happy anniversary and a happy valentine’s day 🙂




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