When Long Throat Is real(and there is nothing you can do about it)

It’s been so hot and I haven’t been able to really cook for the blog. Apart from that, I have been busy “adulating.” This adult life is not an easy one, but God doesn’t bring you through things without a purpose. Like my friend Ify always says, “everything happens for a reason.”

Anyway, I was craving Ofada stew and for some reason I wanted someone to make me some.  It’s not that didn’t have any peppers to make mine, but I just wanted someone to cook for me. Sometimes, I don’t crave my cooking. And I just had to get that Ofada stew before I had a long throat induced coronary lol.

So what is long throat? Well its simple when one’s desire fr a particular thing supersedes all other desires…hehehe. And honestly, my long throat for Ofada stew superseded all ridiculousness. As in, nothing else made sense except the sound of “Ofada sauce. in my ears 🙂

what is Ofada sauce? It’s a sauce made with green bell peppers, plenty of ata-rodo(habaneros) and Iru ; i.e locust beans made and eaten mostly by the Yoruba speaking people of Nigeria.

What’s in the joy of trying another person’s cooking? Well, it’s in the surprise and variance. And just being able to put your feet up while another person cooks for you. Anyway, my friend Nkem and I decided to satisfy the “outside” Ofada stew craving. She treated me to a nice bowl at an African restaurant where we had Ofada stew and some Asun(smoked goat meat) to go. Oh! and by the way, I had Orjin for the first time. Oh Chukwu! And do you know that I only remembered to take photos of my meal after I was done eating and home in my bed? Kai, hunger is a bastard 🙂 As for the Asun, I warmed it up the next day and served it with some pasta. Asun is best enjoyed with fried plantains a.k.a dodo, but I had none, so the pasta came in handy 🙂

imageSee, I didn’t have to cook or wash dishes afterwards(whoohoo!)…I don’t like washing dishes. No it’s not therapeutical jare lol! Anyway, I asked my friend Runy how she felt about being cooked for and she said “I don’t just eat any cooking, it has to be better than mine. I’m sort of a food snob.” Haha! who isn’t. I’ve just learnt to keep my criticism to myself especially when visiting a restaurant…

Okay! so have you head about Daniel Wellington Watches? And I digress(with reason o)…I bumped into their instagram feed a while ago, but I never knew they had some things planned…good things too. Anyway some weeks after my birthday, I noticed that they had sent me an email to pick out a watch. I did and viola! The watch arrived right on time and I rocked it to go eat my ofada stew! Not only did I enjoy a bowl of ofada and rice with hot dodo; I looked good with my Daniel Wellington watch too hehehe 🙂


imageI think Daniel Wellington should hire me to be a hand model too…no oh, I’m not day dreaming lol 🙂

Okay okay okay here comes the good part…Do you know you can get any Daniel Wellington watch for 15% for the next two months? Now you can get Christmas and birthday pressies for your family and friends. Just enter the code chefDW and enjoy.

What are those foods you crave that you wouldn’t mind a good cook making for you?


  1. ugochi says:

    …..and all i see are your rings. love them. maybe it’s the fingers that do such a good job of showcasing them nicely. lol! the watch is fine sha.

    lol@hunger is a bastard. ur naija ninja blood runs true! lol!

    miss u on FB. u seem to have skedaddled..


  2. Oceanessa says:

    Chai…… felt rapture had taken place wen I didn’t see u on fb again. When are you coming back…. Miss your posts….. God be with you…. more grace and may Your Destiny never be cut short…. love you bae

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