Nigerian Lazy Chef and Nollywood…(10minutes with Nse)



If you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I have this undying love for Nollywood. Nollywood is to Nigerians what Hollywood is to Americans. Even in the continent of Africa, there is Nollywood; then there are the others 🙂

Last year, I made a good friend in Nse Ikpe Etim. Nse is a Nollywood actor and a beautiful one at that. She is a not only a good friend, but also my sisteh!…Nse is not just an actor, but she is an unrepentant foodie. I remember the first time we spoke, she was on location somewhere in South Africa, but all she could talk about during our conversation was food. She was “Hungry”. I mean she had food, but she wanted Nse’s cooking. She was so down to earth and I just could not believe she even took the time to call me. Each time I expressed my surprise at her humility, she would say things like “Nma, aren’t we sistehs?’ Apart from acting and cooking, Nse runs a natural/Artisan hair and body brand called Edenstheory…I mean, have you seen her skin and her hair?! Chukwunna! please check out


If there is anything, I learnt from Nse, it’s to always pay attention to detail; no matter how small. She has taught me never to give up on anything I love, but to try harder before thinking of throwing the towel in.

To Nolly wood, Nse is the butter that glistens Jollof rice. There was a time I went for weeks and all I was doing was watching her movies. And for her glistening my Jollof and glistening our screens with precise performances, I want to celebrate her today! Yes I know, she has had other awards, but my celebrating her, kind of completes it for me; no vex :)…Please sit back, read and enjoy 🙂


1) NLF: Nse, you’re an actor and a foodie, what got you into it?

Nse: Haha, I became a professional actor by accident. Emem Isong literally forced me out of my comfort zone to try it and here I am… I guess I took  being a foodie to another level… Dad made me cook when I was young and I made a horrible pot of Egusi soup and he ate it.. The horror on his face could not be masked by his love for me, so I swore that I would learn how to cook… I still don’t like Egusi by the way… Bad memories.. Then of course cooking for my siblings became my chore, mum ran a small restaurant and I had to oversee that with her help of course and I just kept on…


2) NLF: How do you balance your real life; being a foodie and a popular actor?

Nse: I don’t know about being popular but acting is my job….so it would be like asking any other professional how they balance loving food, and doing their job… I just get on with it… I love them both in different ways…. So I will say that there are so many facets in life and I have discovered along the way that I had to do a little bit of everything to keep the balance, difficult, but I am evolving.


3)NLF: You’re an obvious foodie. What’s your favorite food and how often do you get to cook/eat it?

Nse: Food is art. Every new recipe comes with its own experience and I am open.  I cook everyday and I might as well eat it… I also love take outs too when I find good food.



4) NLF: How did you get your break into the movie industry?

Nse: Good friends always nudge you in the right direction. I am thankful to Emem Isong,  Jeta Amata , RMD and a whole lot of others.


5) NLF: How do you impact the community with your work?

Nse: I am enthused about social work. From Volunteering to Lectures at Institutions, and I am not averse to nurturing within the family hence we have established “The Nurtured Ones”.


6)NLF: How did you find out your passion was acting?

Nse: I did not know it was my passion until I did the movie “Reloaded” and then I reconnected with history ( Sophia Loren, Gina Lollobrigida, Ava Gardener), and these actors inspired me to keep the drive.


7) NLF: As an actor and a foodie, where do you see yourself in the future?

Nse: I would like to pass on some of the things I have learnt in my journey through acting and food.


8)NLF: Your Instagram feed @nseikpeetim is filled with with beautiful pictures and pictures of food! Will you ever write a cook book?

Nse: Hehehehehe..Now that is encouraging…As an after thought, this could be in the pipeline.


9) NLF: Please tell us one funny, but embarrassing thing we don’t know about you.

Nse: I was coming down an escalator in a shopping mall, and I was making faces and being silly.. not looking at where I was headed. As I arrived at the bottom of the escalator, I fell face flat..It was a fun moment for the kids around.. How embarrassed was I?


10.) NLF: What advice will you give to me and others who are pursuing their passion; mine being food 🙂

Nse: Don’t Cook the books be thorough in all you do.

Thank you Nse…I’m still waiting for the Afang soup 🙂


  1. Eketi says:

    “Thou shall love the Lord thy God and only him shall ye serve.”

    If the Bible didn’t have this instruction, I for kuku worship Nse. And I’m too lazy to be a stalker, else…. ???

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