7 Creative Ideas To Celebrate A Girlfriend’s Birthday (Sponsored post)

There are thousand ways to make your birthday special. Some like loud parties with a big gang of friends, another prefer a quiet dinner in a family circle, some people don’t celebrate their birthday at all. But there is a huge difference between celebrating your own holiday and making a surprise for your special one. Many men sooner or later look for ideas for girlfriend’s birthday. Is it so hard to impress her? We are sure one of our options will be remembered for years.

1. Take her to an event
Hundreds of interesting events take place in every city and we know, yours is not an exception. You can do so much together on this special day: go to an art festival, watch a sport game you both love, listen to new artists on a music festival. The key thing is to hold your plans in secret right until the moment of celebration comes.
2. Plan a special trip
It can be very difficult to keep this present in secret, but you may hide your destination at least. So, chose a perfect place where you can stay together. It can be a nice cottage in the woods near the lake where you can swim, a picturesque resort at the seashore or an ancient city somewhere nearby. In all these cases, you can discover new interest sites and spend time all alone in a romantic atmosphere. When you get tickets or documents that prove your reservation, put them in a gift box so you could present a birthday trip as it should. Don’t know where to go? Ask about some places she dreams about in advance or ask her relatives for help, remember the most interesting and available destination for a weekend. You will make the biggest surprise in her life.
3. Become her personal chef
A man who can cook is one of the most impressive and sexy image for girls, especially when he cooks something special for her. Do you wish to astonish her as much as you can? Then prepare in advance! Learn some sophisticated recipe in a book or better on the web where you can watch a comprehensive video guide. On your girlfriend’s birthday, demonstrate your incredible cooking skills right since morning. Prepare her a breakfast and then tease her all day with sweets. In the evening, it will be a time for a romantic dinner!
4. Congratulate her at midnight

It happened to you when someone texted you birthday congrats right at midnight, didn’t it? So when the day comes, wake her up at 12 and wish her a happy birthday. But don’t go back to sleep immediately. Invite her for a night walk or lay together at the backyard for stargazing. If you decide to stroll until down, then pick up a nice café for romantic breakfast.
5. Set a day at SPA
Girls are not the only one who loves SPA and massage. Of course, your darling will be incredibly happy with the whole day of beauty procedures, but she will get more pleasure if you will be by your side. By the way you will also like this! Pay a whole day at the bet resort and enjoy it together. Swim in pools, relax in a hot tub, get massages, and just enjoy a day when everybody cares about you.
6. Make hidden notes
The night before her birthday writу funny, loving, and cute messages and congrats on as many papers as possible. Hide them in the places where she will go in the morning and during the whole day. Appropriate places are: her wardrobe, bathroom shelf where she stores her cosmetics, working table, her laptop, fridge (better put it on something she will eat), and a book she is reading. A nice prelude before starting a real celebration.

7. Pretend you forgot
If she has a remarkable sense of humor, she will definitely remember this celebration. The point is acting like you forgot about her birthday completely (it is easier to trick if you live separately). She can even get upset, but it is important to catch a right moment to reveal your surprise. You can just suddenly bring her to a restaurant, or give her a present she has always dreamed about, or set a huge surprise party! The last one will definitely knock her out.




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