10 Minutes With Adekunle Gold. Orente!

The stylish Adekunle Gold! The one and only Orente Master! If you have ever heard the Nigerian song “Pick up” and liked it; then you automatically like Adekunle Gold. Yes, it’s by force 😛 . He is not just a foodie, but he is one musician Nigerians have watched grow. At first when I sent him an email, I thought he would blow me off, but dude responded and promptly too.

2016/2017 has been a successful year for Adekunle Gold. My best friend and I first noticed Adekunle Gold on Simisola’s page on Instagram years ago. A few years later I heard the song “Pick up.” I went on Instagram and I became love struck with this guy’s voice; then I asked my friend “was this guy not Simi’s bruh/bae that year?” Beautiful!

Not only is he known for his acts of savagery/clap back on Twitter, but he is down to earth and never forgets his roots.


When I was thinking of celebrities to interview, Mr.Adekunle came to mind. I don’t know why, but Adekunle, I gotta say I’m loving you more; knowing that you are also a sucker for Ayamase. No serenren 🙂

Enjoy the interview below:

Nigerianlazychef: You’re a musician. Where are you from in Nigeria?

Adekunle Gold: “Lagos Island.

Nierianlazychef: How do you balance your real life, and being a popular musician?

Adekunle Gold: “Being a musician is my reality. I am fortunate that people know my music. So asking me how I deal with something that was the original intention would mean I have a problem with it. I don’t.
I am grateful that people know me.”

Nigerianlazychef: You’re an obvious foodie. What’s your favorite food and how often do you get to cook/eat it?

Adekunle Gold: “I love Ayamase, Especially when its dark green and has fried meat offal in it

Ayamase for you Adekunle..

Nigerianlazychef:  How did you get your break into the music industry?

Adekunle Gold: “I wrote Sade in 2014, it was a cover of One Directions Story of my Life, It really took off and the rest is just the beginning.”

Nigerialazychef: How do you impact the community around you with your work?

Adekunle Gold: “I believe my songs do that for me. They are songs that emphasize morals, love and honest living. There are causes I am interested in that I would soon be lending my time and efforts to. Just watch this space.”

Nigerianlazychef: How did you find out your passion was music?

Adekunle Gold: ” I Actually didn’t know I could sing as a kid. I had an aunt who was a drill sergeant choir master. She will bring us(my little sisters and I) outside and make us sing at moonlight. She won’t let us go till we hit every key and every note. That made me incredibly competitive in church, to be the head in the choir…”

Nigerianlazychef: As a musician where do you see yourself in the future?

Adekunle Gold: “I say this very often, my goal is to be timeless. I am not in the business to make disposable music, I want my song to outlive me, I want the kanye’s of 2075 to sample my music. And I always want to sound like myself, the backing track style might be different but I never want to lose my sound.”

Nigerianlazychef: Your instagram feed is filled with beautiful pictures of you and your blossoming career. What is one thing you want us to know about kicking off your career and humble beginnings?

Adekunle Gold: “I guess I still want you to know I am still in my small beginnings, I do not believe I have arrived yet. I have big dreams and ambitions, right right now I’m just working and enjoying the journey.”

Nigerianlazychef: Please share with us one thing we don’t know about you.

Adekunle Gold: “I really hate wet floors, I get highly irritable when I see liquids on the floor. lol.”

Ngwanu Adekunle; here’s your wet floor sign..

Nigerianlazychef: What advice will you give to me and others who are pursuing their passion; mine being food?

Adekunlegold: “Consistency! even when you don’t see results, the world will eventually bend to your will if you remain consistent.”

You can follow Adekunle on Instagram at @adekunlegold

Twitter @adekunleGold. And to watch his videos, follow and subscribe to his account on YouTube AdekunleGoldVevo


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