Betting On Food…

Someone asked me recently what I would do if I won a million dollars and my reply was “I’ll eat first.” Knowing me and my love for food, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. And for someone who loves sports, I would play my best and easily bet on sports for my easy win. At least we all know that sports and food quite go together. Let me eat first and all others fall into place.

Food and sports is like having the ultimate power. Imagine being able to run your bets with Bet9ja Promotion Code. You even have a discount to play.

If I played a bet and won, I would open a grocery store, stocked with foods never heard of. I would stock the store with peaches, basil, cilantro and my favorite fruit in the world; mango. I would employ butchers to carve my favorite meats: beef sirloin and goat meat. I would have a section filled with African foods and spices stocked by me.

If I won the lottery, I would build a farm with both fish and crops. I would have all the up to date equipment. And this would create jobs in my farm for people who need jobs. Wining a bet is not just for flexing and eating roasted turkey pepper soup at a pepper soup joint. I would invest into the food and agricultural sector. I would build a whole farm for goats…lean meat and Asun! Turn down for what? 😛

Playing the lottery is like opening your state of mind to new things. I would build a cookery school with instructors that know their way around the food industry. I would get involved in teaching students about food, smell and the synchronization of taste and smell.

There’s no wiser way of me using my winnings.
Cars are great, vacations are the ultimate, houses are amazing, but food is life! Man must eat!

What is greater than using some of your winnings to throw a food festival? A gathering of all kinds of people from all walks of life; coming together to sample foods from all countries and continents.

There is nothing more refreshing than travelling and eating your way around the world. I swear, that would be the ultimate vacation.
I was on Facebook recently and someone asked why must all dates revolve around food. I told the person to go watch Nollywood movies. What is the first thing the rich dude does? He looks for an Nkwobi joint to flex his muscles. Please, food is life…argue with your keyboard ?


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