Green Bean…

Walking into the heart of Union square in down town New Bedford, Massachusetts; you would definitely run into a small coffee shop knows as “Green bean.” I found the green bean during my walk down town. It looked green like Starbucks so I went in to see what they were about. On walking in, I was greeted by a lovely young lady whom I later learnt was their manager. She made me an Americana coffee with a shot of espresso. Her reception and service were as warm as the coffee she made me.

After my first visit, I decided to go by there during another visit. The Green bean, so cozy a place, one visit is never enough. I didn’t meet the beautiful brunette lady this time but the other servers plus the owner were there and they were very sweet people.

I know you would ask “was the coffee that good?” No folks, it was their reception, their service, the conversation and the melt in your mouth chocolate chip blondes. I had my first blonde at the Green Bean. Blondes are simply brownie looking things that are melt in your mouth delicious. I am not aware of how they make theirs at the Green bean, but boy oh boy! It’s one of those things you eat and never forget. It was so good, I brought some home for my ajebutters. Eating a blonde from the Green Bean is an experience every human being deserves to have.

New Bedford is a tiny village with their main trade as fishing but with the treasures they posses, it’s not a town to be forgotten in a hurry.

Green bean reminds me of those little “Mama put” shacks in Nigeria. You know, there are the five star restaurants and there are the road side shacks but without a visit to your local road side shack, you never seem to feel like you have eaten good food. There’s star bucks and Dunkin Donuts, but without a blonde and hot cocoa or coffee from the Green Bean, my day in New Bedford never starts right. It’s the perfect place to sit and gather your thoughts whenever you feel the need.

Another treasure I found at the Green Bean is their BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich). I was famished and I wanted something really hearty to fill me up as it wasn’t morning nor was it quite afternoon. I asked for a BLT but with avocado and a different type of mayonnaise that I don’t remember ?…Apart from me not remembering the type of mayonnaise used in my sandwich, I savored my sandwich. It was so good that I kept making “food gasm” noises while I ate. Oh my Jesus!

                                             I think there should be a Green Bean in every state and city. It’s paramount for survival.



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