Majestic and Ocean Drive….All my life, I prayed for a drink like you

My third day in Florida saw me at the beach. It was beach time people! I went with no beach ready bathing suits but I was going to be at that beach come what may. Visiting South beach on Ocean drive was different from visiting Bahamas fish market which was at an area that reminded me a lot of Lagos :). Ocean drive compared to the other side of town was like night and day.

In a city where hardly anyone speaks English, my friend and I felt like we had won the lottery when our Lyft driver picked us up to go to the beach and he could speak English! “You speak English?” I asked. “yes” he responded. My friend and I screamed like two crazy people. But listen, I will be learning some Spanish make person no sell me next time 🙂

Going to the beach met us with a lot of beautiful scenery. We drove by some cruise ships. I saw a couple of Disney cruise ships and I thought at once of my Ajebutters (children). They love the water for some reason and have always wanted to go on a Disney cruise. I find myself working to give them the best that life has to offer and what I never had. I think it is so with most parents. During the drive, I also saw the largest cruise ship in the world. It has 18 floors and houses 6000 people. People are really out there living their best lives 🙂

On getting to the beach, I knew two things had to happen:

  1. I had to dip my toes in the clear beach water. It was a must. Who goes to Miami without going to South beach and eating beach side?
  2. I had to try a Coronarita. a Coronarita is simply margarita with one or two bottles of Corona turned upside down into a margarita glass filled with margarita and the beer slowly releases into the margarita as you drink from the glass.

After about 30 minutes on the beach, we went looking for the famous Coronarita and while walking the most talked about side walks of Ocean drive, we were stopped by a very “don’t take no for an answer” waitress who talked us into trying the drinks at the tables of Majestic for a two for the price of one deal. She introduced herself as Christina while we sat down and within 10 minutes, she brought our drinks. She was such a tiny lady, I wondered how she held our drinks with her tiny hands. Although the sizes of the drinks and the two corona bottles in each glass seemed a little intimidating, I was too excited to let it kill my joy. I was going to experience this drink whole heartedly and without fuss.

As I sipped, I got happier. Alcohol would do that to you :). Looking at the menu, I opted for a beef quesadilla. I wanted to know how the people in Miami made theirs. Was it going to be different from the ones we got in Georgia? My friend went for the fried wings with buffalo and ranch dressings with a side of French fries. I have to point out that Majestic on Ocean drive, is the only restaurant I have been to that serves you fried wings with an option of a dipping sauce. Most restaurants toss their wings in whatever sauce you choose and as much as I am a foodie, I don’t always find my wings tossed in sauce to be delicious. I sometimes want to dip my wings in my sauce just like I dipped my toes in the ocean and chose not to bath myself in the salty water 🙂

My quesadillas came oozing with cheese. When it comes to quesadillas, my plate from majestic is my favorite. I enjoyed my table on the side walk, sipping on coronarita and biting into deliciously cheesy quesadillas topped with sour cream and avocado. I tried a piece of wing from my friend’s plate and it was unbelievably warm and so crispy you could hear yourself biting into the fleshy wing. There is nothing as beautiful as biting into really good food.


We were having such a good time, we decided to slowly eat, drink and gist about everything; from boys to our children. We got tempted by a cigar girl to try cigars and we fell flat for the temptation. I got a small cigar that tasted like vanilla while my friend got one that tasted like cherries.  If you want to try cigars for the first time, go small. That way, you know if you’ll like it or not. Immediately, I got inducted into the cigar hall of fame because I puffed on the stick like a pro. I even began to think I was related the godfather at some point 🙂


While puffing on my cigar, we ordered dessert. I wanted something warm and chocolatey with some ice cream to make the warmth feel complete. you know how salty and sweet comes together or how spicy and sweet leaves you wanting for more? Warm and cold makes you feel even better. Biting into the warm chocolatey brownie with cool ice cream gave me all kinds of foodgasms. From the coronarita to the quesadilla and on to dessert, I got a high that I couldn’t even explain and that high saw me through the whole day. As for our waitress, she is one waitress with the attitude to beat. She had the most positive attitude. I came to find out that they (wait staff at majestic) had to sometimes solicit customers from the street to sit at their tables and you have to be sometimes and aggressive and street smart. I don’t even remember how Christina got us to sit at her table. but I had an amazing time and to me, that’s all that counts!

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