Bulgur Swallow

What is Bulgur wheat? I would say Bulgur is a grain made from whole wheat that has been pre-cooked and dried. It cooks fast and taste really good. On it’s looks, it looks like couscous.  I remember the craze with couscous. Well, I did not join in. I cannot stand couscous. I can tolerate quinoa, but only when I have nothing else. Bulgur is Paleo, vegetarian and healthy diet compliant so if you plan on going on a diet, it is your to go grain that can replace rice.

There are several types of bulgur grain. What I have in my bowl is the really coarse type. It works for both stir fries and all kinds of recipes. It also doubles in sizes when cooked which is awesome 🙂

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In making this bulgur swallow, It was quite easy. Bulgur is one of the easiest grains I have ever cooked and I had mine with ogbono(Apon)soup

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I make a lot out of bulgur wheat; which I hope to share with you guys pretty soon. It is so much to do and sometimes overwhelming, so I usually take a couple of steps back so I don’t exhaust myself

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Bulgur Swallow
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 60-100mls of bulgur
  • 2tbsps of garri, wheat or blended oat(optional for holding the bulgur together)
  • about a cup of water
  1. Grind bulgur into fine pieces in a dry mill
  2. bring some water to a boil. I would say about a cup
  3. pour in the bulgur wheat and stir continuously
  4. add in the garri or oats if the swallow is too soft
  5. mould into balls and serve.
  6. I had mine with some ogbono soup. Yum!


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