Yam and oil just got a make over

So, why am I blogging about yam and oil? Well,  I was talking to my mother about palm nut cream while thinking of what to make for break fast. I had two pieces of yam and I just wanted something for comfort, so with all the oil conversation, the only thing that came to mind was yam and oil with lots of pepper. As a growing girl, I ate a lot of yam and oil. Yes I did, to all those calling me “butter”. Yam and oil was actually one of my favorites. For this recipe, I decided to remix it a little and while telling my mother about remixing recipe she made a point to me which she always does “You can tweak and remix Nigerian/African food, but stay true to the recipe and to African food because our food is quite unique.” She reminded me to let my food and not me be the star of the show. Although on a personal level it is amazing to cook and be celebrated for what I do, but from a wisdom point of view, I rather be celebrated through my cooking/food. I like people to see “Nma” through my dishes and not my dishes through Nma.(Oh before I get all mushy)

This recipe is so easy and it is totally me.

By the way click the link below for how to make Ngo


Let us get right to it

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Yam and oil got a make over
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Cuisine: Nigerian
Serves: 2
  • two slices of boiled yam
  • 2tbsps of palm oil
  • salt to taste
  • one ata-rodo
  • ¼ cup of chopped onions
  • a handful of sliced chili
  • 3ehuru pods
  • ½tsp of uziza
  • ½tsp of utazi
  • Ngo or potash mix(I used ngo)
  1. Cut the yam into bite sized pieces
  2. toast and blend the ehuru with the ata-rodo and onion; then set aside
  3. pour the palm oil into a bowl and pour your ngo mix to make a thick rouge(ncha in Igbo)
  4. if using potash, simply melt potash(akanwu) into some warm water and pour some of the water into the oil using a small sieve while stirring the oil quickly
  5. When you have achieved the making of the rouge, pour in your blended pepper and ehuru, season with salt and garnish with the sliced chili uziza and utazi. and serve



  1. anene says:

    I’m loving your jazzed up version. I loved eating yam and palm oil too while growing up. I remember my Mum and I would boil yam and then prepare the sauce in the mortar with palmoil, ukpaka, fresh red pepper and salt then mash it up with the pestle. We would then sit down on the floor and dip the yam in the mortar with the sauce. Simply put…HEAVEN. I miss those days.

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