WaterMelon Martini…

Last year, I did a poll about aphrodisiacs on my Facebook page and someone mentioned water melons. The way he described water melons and how they set your body on fire did my brain in until I gave it a try. One thing about water melons is that it makes you happy. The description of how the blended seeds of a water melon works is something I cannot even comprehend. It’s the holy grail of sexual fulfilment. It’s like drinking coffee or a shot of espresso. It leaves a  wonderful tingle deep within you. In fact as I write this, I have had a martini glass full and I’m sitting here feeling like I’m flying without wings.

How does water melon work as an aphrodisiac? It’s a fruit high in citruline which is a phytonutrient; which increases the amount of nitric acid in the body; there by increasing blood flow, relaxing the blood vessels and encouraging sexual arousal. A glass of water melon juice will help you fulfil your aphrodisiac fantasies. Keeping it PG 🙂

It’s Valentine and a lot of people say “I love everyday, I don’t do valentine.” Like I told a friend “if your boo gives you chocolate or flowers, I’ll hunt you in your dreams and take it from you.” When it comes to Valentine, I like simplicity. I know we all celebrate love everyday, but ladies and gentle men, try to relish on this day…Even with your kids…

For this recipe, you can add or minus what you don’t have. If you don’t have the sugar syrup, don’t worry, use the water melon and vodka straight up. If you have no lime, use some triple sec. If you don’t have any of both, just do some sweet water melon and vodka. This recipe, gotten from spruce, is perfect for me. I usually tweak it to fit my needs.

The key to this recipe is buying a sweet water melon. I know, how does one get a sweet water melon right? I don’t even know, but here’s to hoping you’re lucky finding one. And here’s to taking better photos of drinks. Long way 🙂

WaterMelon Martini...
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 2
  • 1 cup water melon juice
  • ½ cup vodka(1, 1.5 jigger)
  • juice of 1 lime/lemon
  • crushed ice
  • 3 tbsps. sugar mixed with 3 tbsps. salt for the rim of the glass
  • ¼ cup sugar syrup
  • water melon wedges for garnishing
To make water melon juice:
  1. blend 2 cups of water melon chunks and pour into a cocktail shaker.
To make sugar syrup:
  1. pour equal parts water and sugar and melt over heat; then leave to cool.
  2. Using a small water melon wedge, rub against the martini glass; then dip martini glass into the sugar and salt mix.
  3. Add all the ingredients into a cock tail shaker, shake and pour into your martini glass and enjoy
If you do not have any ingredients, just do a nice vodka and sweet water melon.



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