Einstein Bros…The Real Einstein.

Adjacent to the Imax theatre in Lawrenceville; Duluth highway to be precise, is the coffee and bagel house Einstein Bros. I found this little gold mine in 2017 while I was searching for a Star bucks. Prior to that time, I had never been in an Einstein Bros before. I even thought the place was owned by Albert Einstein the scientist. Yes laugh at me, I know I sound silly 🙂

Finding the perfect bagel shop is like looking for a needle in a hay stack. So if you have ever had a freshly made bagel sandwich from Einstein bros, you would understand why it is called the home of the Bagel. You would understand why little things matter when it comes to bagel making.

On walking into the Coffee shop, the left wall is plastered with an illustration of the different types of Bagels they make; and as much as I want to pick fit fam over bagels, bagels always win. Good thing they have a “fit fam” friendly menu to choose from.

I had a late morning appointment of which I had forgotten the time that I had to be there, so I went a little early, popped into my favorite coffee shop in the area and grabbed a small cup of tea. While I waited, I could smell the bagel goodness and all my fit fam fighting went out the window. I immediately walked up to the front counter and ordered a Southwest egg white sandwich on a cinnamon raisin bun to go with my mango tea. At first I told myself, “na you sabi. Be eating what you don’t know.” Oh well, my sandwich arrived promptly. They even had someone bring it to my table and it looked and smelled so delicious. This sandwich was actually dripping in finesse. I took a bite and I had to stop myself from walking up to the counter and getting another. This was not the first time I had been here; but honestly, this was my first time having this sandwich and I really don’t think I have ever had an egg white sandwich this good. There was the freshness and sweetness of the bagel, the fluffiness of the egg, the spicy cheese, tomatillo salsa and the sweetness of the cream cheese to tie it together. My sandwich was made with such precision that one ingredient did not over power the other. And for those who count calories, this sandwich is only 360 calories 🙂

southwest egg white sandwich and a good read 🙂

I haven’t been to another location of Einstein Bros neither do I have anyone close to where I live, but with the service I get from this particular location, I don’t mind the distance. Their service is always great, the crew is always polite and they help make yummy suggestions for you; if ever you found the menu a little too much; especially the young man in the picture below 🙂

In recent times, I have cut down my coffee drinking drastically, so having the perfect cup of tea is VERY important. And while there are coffee shops known specifically for their coffees only, Einstein bros also has a wide range of flavored tea to keep you wanting for more.

Now, if only I can get to this place every morning to kick start my day 🙂



  1. Jummy says:

    Sounds like a diamond find!

    How are you loving the children of blood and bone! I’m almost half way through ? such a page turner

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