Jolloff Etcetera….

A great conversation starter is the restaurant “jollof Ecetera.” This tiny but large shack is located in Annapolis Maryland. You know the saying “good things come in small packages?” Jolloff Ecetera is one of those good things.

The fact that I have nothing plenty to say about this place is because they “killed” everything with their awesome food. Have you ever tasted a meal so good, you constantly replay how you ate it and it’s taste in your mouth?

I walked into Jollof Ecetera not knowing what to expect. It looks like a “to go” kind of restaurant. What that means is that, you simply make an order and pick up your food or have it delivered once it’s prepared.

Even as small as the space for the restaurant is, there are a few chairs and tables for patrons who wish to dine in. I dined in.

Ambiance: There is really none but for the soft gospel music playing from the tv set. The place was crowded with people and it just seemed so little to navigate through.

Make over: Jolloff Ecetera needs a total make over. a least some new chairs with tables that fit the space. Nothing more or less.

Apart from the ambiance and the need for a make over, I liked the little notes that sat on the table. The notes had scriptures on them. Oh, I forgot to tell you that the restaurant is owned by a Christian who doesn’t ever settle. He doesn’t even serve alcohol in his restaurant. Drink your Schweppes or water and enjoy your meal or nothing.

One thing I liked about Jolloff ecetera, was the sink they had in the restaurant for patrons to wash their hands; and beside the sink was a motion censored trash bin. A great feature if you’re a germaphobe.

The good stuff: Now to the good stuff. The food! With all the delicious photos on their Instagram’s page @jolloffetcetera, it was even better in person. I ordered a plate of rice and fish stew to make up for all the meat from the previous day. Along with the rice, I ordered a side of spinach and plantains. My hosts ordered Eba, onugbu and vegetable soups respectively.

Before our food was brought to the table, the restaurant owner gave my hosts and I a complimentary bowl of Chinchin. A little stale it was but it was really good. Our food came without a waste of time and the portions were huge. Mere looking at my bowl and that of my hosts, I was full. I didn’t even know how to start spooning the stew into the rice. And the fish, it filled the bowl and eating it was orgasmic to experience. The side of spinach, it was melt in your mouth good. I am here writing and trying to describe how delicious my food was, but I can’t even begin to find the words. My hosts ate theirs so quickly, you could tell they enjoyed their food with the way they cleaned their bowls. There were no traces of eba or soup in sight 🙂 And with a cool bottle of Schweppes, everything hit the spot.

food for thought: Sometimes, it’s not always about having nice restaurant furniture, it’s about having mind blowing meals, meals that would make you not want to eat anything else. Now, if one restaurant can fix their furnishing, have working and clean bathrooms and cook really good food like Jolloff Etcetera.

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