Crispy Chicken Legs

I have missed you my people! It’s has been a while. For some reason, I suffered an episode of writers block; then I wasn’t sleeping well and my brain got fried. The things something as small as sleep does for the human body is amazing. Then imagine waking up to crispy chicken after a long nap.

Before we get to the chicken let me tell you guys how much I have learnt about eating yogurt. When it comes to yogurt, I always ate the types which had fruit in them until I realized the amount of sugar I was eating. I did a switch to plain organic Greek yogurt and it was like I had found the holy grail to the epitome of yogurt deliciousness. Sometime ago, I saw a recipe from 9jafoodie in which she used some plain Greek yogurt as a marinade. I tried using some Greek yogurt several times and it worked great each time, it actually blew my mind. I never knew yogurt was so magical. Not only is it a great source of probiotics, it makes for a moist and great tasting chicken. A healthy bowl of plain Greek yogurt packs a healthy punch. It helps in weight loss and aids in healthy digestion. Apart from eating yogurt, it can be mixed with essential oils and turmeric for keeping healthy skin. My favorite way to enjoy yogurt is in kind of a parfait style with lemon, fruits, nuts and honey. If you want to learn more about why yogurt is the holy grail to a moist chicken, clean guts, and a healthy skin, just include it in your everyday diet and experience the magic 🙂

I have a chicken suya recipe that will absolutely blow your mind, but there’s something about this recipe that I really love. This recipe is easily made in the oven if you don’t have a grill and if you don’t have an oven or a grill, you can pan fry the chicken in little pieces. This is a recipe for every body. My favorite part is the crispy skin you experience while you bite into the juicy insides. a recipe for everybody 🙂



  1. stella says:

    when you day cook. you actually mean bake in the oven or is it cook with pot.

    how many minutes does it take for the juices to run clear.

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