Spicy Suya Wings(Fried Chicken Suya)

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If you love suya, you would love this recipe. I was supposed to have shared it earlier this week, but I got busy cleaning my kitchen; then I fell ill and slowed down

We like chicken and we enjoy chicken wings, but I wanted something that would taste spectacular, so I thought chicken suya, but how? I already have one recipe here but I wanted something quick with no hassle.

I do not know why I never thought about frying chicken for suya. Well, I am sure some foodies may have thought about it, but it never really occurred to me to do it and when I did, I was pleasantly happy. The crunchiness of the chicken with the peppers and the smokiness of the suya spice was epic. Restaurants in Nigeria need to start making suya like this o! 🙂 shuo!

Although this is fried, you could grill or bake it in the oven and it would still be amazing. By the time, I did a double take, the chicken was gone. I did not even worry because I really wanted my ajebutters to enjoy it.

Is this recipe  staple? Absolutely! Make it a staple in your kitchen too

Spicy Suya wings
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 4
  • Six medium sized wings(cut to make 12)
  • Suya seasoning ¼
  • 1 tablespoon dry chili powder
  • 1tsp garlic powder
  • 1 plum tomato(chopped)
  • half of a small onion(chopped)
  • 1 spring onion(chopped)
  • oil for shallow frying
  • 4 tbsps. oil( or less) for garnishing
  • ¼ cup corn flour(regular flour works)
  • ¼ cup rice flour(optional)
  • salt to taste
  1. wash and pat chicken dry; then season with salt and let it rest for about and hour
  2. mix the corn and rice flour together along with the garlic powder and a little salt
  3. mix ¼ cup of the suya seasoning with 4tbsps of the oil and set aside
  4. Season the chicken with 1tbsp of the pepper flakes and toss in the flour mix
  5. Heat up some oil to 350 degrees and fry the wings until they golden brown and crispy. You could use a grill or the oven if you prefer.
  6. Once chicken is done, toss in the suya and oil mix along with the tomatoes and onions
Alternatively, you could season the chicken and toss lightly in flour that has been seasoned with garlic and salt ; then fry or bake for a healthier version.



  1. tiana says:

    hello. im a follower on instagram nd always salivate at ur post. decided to check out ur website today nd im learning a lot
    my question on this spicy suya wings is d no 6 mode of preparation. are we to toss the suya and oil mix into the oil while frying or after frying d chicken u toss suya and oil mix on it.
    thank u

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