How Las Vegas is fast becoming a hub for Nigerian cuisine

The heart of the Nevada desert in the USA is probably one of the least likely places you’d expect to find authentic Nigerian food, but Las Vegas has come up trumps by recently embracing our nation’s fare across “Sin City”. When most people think about dining in Las Vegas, it usually conjures up images of enormous T-bone steaks, stacked burgers and crispy fried chicken. However, this city’s dining scene has rapidly become one of the main reasons to fly in.

Soul of Afrika

Soul of Afrika is situated on South Rainbow Boulevard, close to the Spring Valley neighborhood of Las Vegas. It’s been known to be not just a restaurant but an entertainment venue too, with their Saturday night “Afro-Love” evenings proving particularly popular, with hookah, drinks and dance on offer as well as their mouth-wateringly authentic Nigerian meals. 

The ambience is warm and welcoming, and the custoVegas continues to surprise in more ways than you could imagine, due mainly to its diversification away from being solely a gambling resort. With the growing number of online platforms dedicated to poker and other casino table games, Vegas has sought to reinvent itself as an entertainment or “experience” resort. If you are stopping by in Las Vegas and you fancy an authentic taste of what Nigeria has to offer, thousands of miles away from West Africa, check out these four eateries located throughout the city:mer service is classy. Meanwhile, the main entrees include hearty meat or fish stews, goat meat and jollof rice, as well as warming soups with sides of pounded yam, futu, gari and amala.

Nigerian Cuisine by MJ

If you fancy a night in, savoring your favorite Nigerian dishes inside your hotel room, Nigerian Cuisine by MJ ticks all the right boxes. You can order dishes for collection and delivery, straight to your resort. The restaurant’s owner, MJ, personally greets many of the restaurant’s customers and it is clear that he knows how to make on-point vegetarian and meat-based Nigerian dishes. Check out their lunchtime special for US$9.99, consisting of jollof rice, served with chicken, plantain and a soda on the side.

Nigerian Food Las Vegas

Nigerian Food Las Vegas is arguably the closest Nigerian eatery to the Las Vegas Boulevard Strip. It’s situated on East Sahara Avenue, just a short taxi ride from all the action. The restaurant’s owner, Angie, goes out of her way to make sure that you are happy with the home-cooked Nigerian dishes that you’re ordering, as well as portion sizes. 

The Owho and Banga soups are some of the most impressive dishes here, with a choice of swallow and mixed meat and fish available. This is one of the few Nigerian restaurants in Vegas that encourages eating with your hands – don’t worry, they give you a bowl to clean and wash your hands afterwards!

Chiamaka Food

Last but by no means least, Chiamaka Food has been offering delicious take-out and dining for the Las Vegas community from its restaurant on South Maryland Parkway. This place proudly takes a contemporary twist on classic Nigerian flavors, while insisting on the use of fresh, premium ingredients at all times. Again, it’s all about their rice dishes here, with fried and jollof rice proving big hits with the locals. Like Nigerian Cuisine by MJ, Chiamaka Food also offers a US$9.99 lunchtime special to savor.

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