Zobo…Sorrel Colada Granita(Hibiscus Colada)

IMG_6652 (3)This is the fourth in my “Zobo” series. I tried to avoid this post because of the sun and humidity in my location, but I just could not help it, It was either I posted this or wait until the cooler season to post it, but of what benefit would it be if I don’t do it for the summer especially while it is hot? The recipe was successful, but I struggled with the pictures due to humidity and heat. It got so frustrating that I had to take a break and talk to Shakirat. I would have the perfect crystals, but once outside where the light was to take the pictures for the post, the ice crystals would melt. It got so frustrating that I felt tears. The things we do for the perfect pictures IMG_6563 (3) Meanwhile, let us talk about this recipe. After I had made Zobo and the syrup; then came Chinelo my friend with one of her suggestions. She said, “Nma why don’t you make Zobo Colada” I looked in my pantry and I had everything for it, so I simply went for it. It is  simple, you make the use of the Zobo drink here and whip it up with all the ingredients. I love the versatility of this drink because the alcohol in this recipe is optional. You can make it for an adult cocktail hour or without the alcohol for kiddie play time.  I made a non alcoholic version for my ajebutters and they loved it. This drink is quite sweet,  and if using alcohol, you would be able to barely taste it and the alcohol could sneak up on you 🙂 It is a great cocktail for the hot season and cool season too. It is one of those drinks that you would not be able to get enough of after you taste it 🙂 I was going to just make a regular frosty Colada, but the granita came to mind and with the tremendous heat, it was just a good reason to keep poking my head in the freezer 🙂 It has been so hot lately. I swear the heat outside can cook Kilishi(dried meat) to perfection haba! You may even make it as a popsicle 🙂 You see what I did there? A Zobo Colada popsicle. In fact, I have a batch cooling in the freezer. You could even make the popsicles adult style by adding a splash of alcohol for yourself too 🙂 To be honest, I prefer the Zobo Colada popsicles. It is just fun! 🙂 Here is an easy recipe for your enjoyment     IMG_6654 (3)

Zobo...Sorrel Colada Granita(Hibiscus Colada)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 6
  • ½ cup frozen pineapple
  • ⅓ cup coconut cream
  • ⅓ cup rum(light or dark).(optional)
  • 2½ cups of Zobo i.e. Hibiscus punch
  • 1½ cups of ice
  1. In a blender, whip all the ingredients and pour into a pan. Place the pan into a freezer and let it freeze for 3 hours. Remove from the freezer and using a fork scrape all the lightly frozen ice starting from the sides and put back in the freezer. Repeat the same process every 45 minutes 4 more times and serve




    • Nma Okpara says:

      Awww thank you Ajoke! I am still a learner when it comes to photography. It can be a little tiring, but it is a necessary skill. Thank you for the feedback and GOD Bless you 🙂

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