WaterMelon Martini…

Last year, I did a poll about aphrodisiacs on my Facebook page and someone mentioned water melons. The way he described water melons and how they set your body on fire did my brain in until I gave it a try. One thing about water melons is that it makes you happy. The description of how the blended seeds of a water melon works is something I cannot even comprehend. It’s the holy grail of sexual fulfilment. It’s like drinking coffee or a shot of espresso. It leaves a  wonderful tingle deep within you. In fact as I write this, I have had a martini glass full and I’m sitting here feeling like I’m flying without wings.

How does water melon work as an aphrodisiac? It’s a fruit high in citruline which is a phytonutrient; which increases the amount of nitric acid in the body; there by increasing blood flow, relaxing the blood vessels and encouraging sexual arousal. A glass of water melon juice will help you fulfil your aphrodisiac fantasies. Keeping it PG 🙂

It’s Valentine and a lot of people say “I love everyday, I don’t do valentine.” Like I told a friend “if your boo gives you chocolate or flowers, I’ll hunt you in your dreams and take it from you.” When it comes to Valentine, I like simplicity. I know we all celebrate love everyday, but ladies and gentle men, try to relish on this day…Even with your kids…

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Red Curry Stew…My Funny Valentine…

Every year, I write and take photos of food or drinks to celebrate each season or holiday and Valentine always makes the cut. Not only must I have a post honoring the not so holiday, but I must celebrate it because yes Nigerianlazychef was birthed on Valentine’s day…Hmm, may be I should declare it a holiday then.

The last few years have been tough but worth it. I am focused on what I want this blog to be. There were days I just wanted to give up, but like my mother says “Nothing good comes easy.”

I am happy for those who know me and have stood by me. I am happy for the opening of my catering services and my online school. It has been a slow start but I know it will get better and better.

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10 minutes With Lotachukwu

When you hear the name Kiki who do you think of? I remember Jenifa’s diary. The hilarious show produced by Funke Akindele. After watching the movies, I had to get in on the series and my favorite character apart from Jenifa of course is Kiki.

Kiki reminds me of my friend Damilola who happens to be the voice of reason. Her character on the show was very refreshing until she got upset at Jenifa for preventing her from having an abortion. Funny enough, she’s the one who always tries to keep Jenifa out of trouble.

Lota is a refreshing face in the Nollywood movie industry. She makes watching Nollywood movies easy. The way she plays her role in the movies she stars in is exhilarating!

Another movie Kiki(Lota) played in that was so enlivening to watch is “Displaced.” The romance scenes were very steamy, I had to send her a message to “stop kissing that boy.”

I love Lota for a lot of reasons, but my favorite reason is for her cooking.

When Lota first started posting food pictures on her Instagram’s page, I said to myself “Another celebrity wanting to be a Chef sha.” But I was proved wrong. Lota stays close to her Nigerian roots when it comes to cooking, she takes her craft quite seriously, she is dedicated and just pushes herself to cook right. And I really love the simplicity of her pictures. All these qualities endeared me to Lota.


grilled fish, plantain, chicken wings, tiger prawns and corn….

Another thing I love about Lota is her show “Lota Takes.” She does this thing where she visits the houses of celebrities and cooks whatever they have in their pantry. How creative is that?

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The Merging Of Cultures…Eating Well To Win

Last year, I had a correspondence with a lady who happened to be the Publicist of Chef Richard; Dwayne Wade’s private Chef. She wanted me to try a few recipes from his book and I just had to. Come on, this guy cooks for the beautiful Gabrielle Union and her basket baller hubby. Have you seen them? Fresh as can be. He has to be doing something right with their diets.

I went through the book and all the recipes looked amazing but something kind of stood out to me. Some of the recipes reminded me of Nigerian recipes. I think it was the Creole part that kind of reminded of home. The precision and spices did it for me.

I tried two recipes, but my favorite was the stewed okra with shrimp. when I first saw the photo and the recipe, it was immediately love at first sight.

I did not just love this book and the recipe because it reminded me of my mom’s pot of okra, but because it tasted and smelled so fresh. And I said to myself, D Wade and his wife have a gold mine on their hands. No wonder he plays the ball amazingly. After a bowl of okra, even an armature will play basket ball with ease.

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Betting On Food…

Someone asked me recently what I would do if I won a million dollars and my reply was “I’ll eat first.” Knowing me and my love for food, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. And for someone who loves sports, I would play my best and easily bet on sports for my easy win. At least we all know that sports and food quite go together. Let me eat first and all others fall into place.

Food and sports is like having the ultimate power. Imagine being able to run your bets with Bet9ja Promotion Code. You even have a discount to play.

If I played a bet and won, I would open a grocery store, stocked with foods never heard of. I would stock the store with peaches, basil, cilantro and my favorite fruit in the world; mango. I would employ butchers to carve my favorite meats: beef sirloin and goat meat. I would have a section filled with African foods and spices stocked by me.

If I won the lottery, I would build a farm with both fish and crops. I would have all the up to date equipment. And this would create jobs in my farm for people who need jobs. Wining a bet is not just for flexing and eating roasted turkey pepper soup at a pepper soup joint. I would invest into the food and agricultural sector. I would build a whole farm for goats…lean meat and Asun! Turn down for what? 😛

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Imoyo…(There can be only one type of fish stew)

When I first heard of Imoyo, the first thing that crossed my mind was “these Yoruba people dun start their stew wahala.” Until I made a pot and lost all my senses to a pot of stew. I had Imoyo and I never went back to fried fish stew. Now I know why a lot of us fall under the Yoruba stew spell.

Imoyo is a very smooth fish stew cooked with a blend of tomatoes, peppers and onions in African palm oil. The taste of Imoyo is like a the comfort of a lover’s touch on a Wintery day.

Imoyo, may have a mix of palm oil in it, but it is not a fried stew.

My favorite part about making this stew is the sound of the bubbles while it cooks.

Imoyo is one of those foods that you can never forget in a hurry. Especially when it is made right.

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Slow Cooker Party Jollof Rice and Chicken…Happy New Year!!!

First things first, A very Happy New year to you! 2017 was trying, and all I ask is God’s help through the year 2018. I started off 2017 with resolutions and life kind of took over. You look at people and you think they have it going smoothly until you get close to them and experience their daily lives. I’m not good at a lot of things. I stick my foot in my mouth, I’m a worrier and over thinker, and things don’t always seem to go in my favor. I’m just tired of being tired. I want to do well. That is my uttermost desire. Well, let me not be a Debbie Downer. As the year 2018 has begun, I entered with no resolutions really. Because I realized I really cannot do this life by myself. Life gets to you and you get winded and you realize that you have to count on only God for the help you need. This year, I have no resolutions. I just want God to help me push through in this very lonely world. I pray for beauty for ashes, a compensation for all my sad days and with this, I hope your year is merry and bright 🙂

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Easy Fish Pepper Soup


It’s a few days to Christmas and I have been down with a cold and I have bombarded myself with spicy soups; ranging from vegetable pepper soup to fish pepper soup and just warm water with pepper soup spice.

One thing I love about pepper soup is that, the pepper and spices help you kind of sweat out the cold.

I have had some recipes in line for the Christmas celebration, but with coughing, sniffing and all the fatigue I feel, I think I’ll do the easy ones. I cannot just leave you guys like that.

Growing up in Nigeria, I lived in Warri which is in Delta state. In warri, we have several rivers and we lived quite close to the NNPC refinery port where my dad worked. So, if there is one food Warfarians enjoy the most of, it’s fish pepper soup. I remember going to Pesu Market with my mother, just because she had to buy fish. The good thing about Pesu market was the fact that it was close to the water, so every fish caught was instantly sold to eager customers.

In Warri, there are several restaurants who offer a variety of fish or seafood for their pepper soup, but the people’s favorite is either Tilapia or Catfish. Personally, I do not fancy Tilapia, but it’s one fish that is affordable and soaks up the flavor of whatever dish you’re cooking. So, making a decision to use Tilapia for this recipe was very easy. (and I digress).

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Gbegiri Soup…


When you meet a Yoruba person and they talk about the wonder that is Gbegiri, stew and Ewedu, you will be utterly mind blown at the way with which they describe the dish and how they eat it. The description can only be successfully made with the Yoruba language which leaves your mouth watering even if you don’t speak or understand the language.

Gbegiri is a soup made with African Honey beans or brown  beans. The beans is soaked to soften it; then it is peeled or not and cooked until very soft and blended into a very smooth and velvety soup.

When you go to Nigerian restaurants in the Winter, you get to order different types of soups and there is no reason why we cannot add Gbegiri to the mix. After all some people make lentil soup and potato soup.

I remember when I made Ikorore , i.e water yam pottage. A lot of my Yoruba readers kept describing how to eat it with cold Eba. I was so astonished. First you people are eating bean soup with Eba; then you’re eating yam pottage with cold Eba.(side eye) Then I asked my friend Dami and she confirmed it. The look on my face was too much for Dami to behold that she started laughing. And since I do not eat Gbegiri and it’s sisters which are Ewedu, stew and Eba, I decided to make it into a lone soup. A velvety creamy soup that is so filling, you may not even want anything else to eat afterwards.

Every Christmas, according to tradition we make pepper soup as a starter, but this year we will be swapping pepper soup for some Gbegiri and Nigerian stew and a slice of toasty, garlicky baguette

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Easy Spicy Roasted Fish…

Who makes fish during the Christmas season? Anyone!

Let me start by telling you why I’m thankful for this Christmas and how I got a fish bone stuck in my throat. I made a pot of delicious Ogbono soup with dry fish and some Shaki (tripe) and chicken for my Ajebutters and I. Usually, I debone any kind of dry fish before using; except I’m dumping them whole into my soup. Anyway, I deboned my fish, or I thought I did and threw them into the bubbling pot of soup. While eating, a little bone got stuck in my throat. I made more Eba and swallowed it, the bone refused to come out. I ate some bread, peanut butter, drank diluted Vinegar and ate some rough corn bread and the bone refused to shift. I then realized the bone was lodged in the left side of my throat. What type of bone goes and lodges at the left side of your throat if it’s not the ones sent by your enemies :P(I kid). When I started coughing out blood, I knew I had to stop praying fall down and die(Nigerians would understand 🙂 ) and run to the nearest Emergency room. On getting to the ER, they quickly took a photo of my throat and had me sit and wait on the results. At this point, I couldn’t really swallow and my life began to flash before my eyes. I was beginning to wonder, if I would die from swallowing a fish bone. This life!

Moments later, a Physician’s assistant called me into one of the rooms and said to me “So you said you have a bone in your throat.” I was astonished at the statement and managed to reply her with the pain in my throat, ‘I’m not saying I do. There is one in my throat and I cannot swallow.” She decided to get a light and a tongue depressor to check my throat manually and viola! She saw the bone. She went ahead to locally anaesthetize my throat and went in with a pair of tiny forceps and viola! One wicked looking tiny bone came out with the forceps. Abeg follow me thank God.

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