“Does Nigerian Food Make You Fat?”

In 2015 the #fitfam bug bit a lot of Nigerians. A lot of Nigerians were beginning to eat more “healthy food.” But wait a minute, what’s really healthy? One has to remember that our body does need certain types of foods to survive. Take for instance, palm oil. Until today, a lot of Nigerians see Palm oil as the enemy, we fail to understand that our bodies actually need some amount of oil to stay moisturized and for some other body functions. Palm oil becomes the enemy  when you actually eat more than your body needs, cook it wrongly or the type of Palm oil used. Palm oil is known to subsequently reduce the risk of  cancer, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease and Vitamin A deficiency. It would just be advisable to stay close to and use the Palm oil in it’s fresh state(unrefined and cold pressed). In fact avoiding hydrogenated and over processed oils is more advisable to stay healthy and maintain a healthy body weight. Draxe.com.

That being said, one type of oil to use while maintaining a healthy weight is coconut oil. The limits to the use of this oil is quite endless. I use it as a replacement for butter or margarine in certain Nigerian recipes; even when it comes to making Nigerian snacks coconut oil is a wonderful ingredient.

From an experience point of view, Nigerian food is one of the best kind of food to eat while working on maintaining a healthy body weight. There was a time when all I ate was Nigerian food and my weight gain or weight loss depended solely on how I ate, what times I ate and what I ate.

To lose weight with Nigerian food, you can stay on the same daily diet; while watching your portions and just modifying your cooking and eating technics.

I read a while ago about Egusi being full of fat etc etc…I laughed so hard that day, not because the person who said it was  ignorant, but because like I always say, everything must be done in moderation. As long as you’re not eating the whole pot of Egusi at one time, you are absolutely okay.

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Edikang Ikong(The King of Efik Soups)


Edikang Ikong…the king of Efik soups…

In my honest opinion, Edikang Ikong is a man and Afang a woman. The robustness and bold flavors of this soup makes it everything it is. Every single morsel of this soup feels like an orgasm. The way the habaneros synched with the dry pepper powder left me with notes of flavors that I just couldn’t explain…And this is a very good thing.

I have made Afang a few times, but for some reason, every time I wanted to make Edikang Ikong, I’d get mentally weak because of the precision it took to make it. I finally decided to get it done once and for all, but one thing prevented me from being great and that thing was having the right recipe. So, I reached out to Eketi of ketimae.wordpress.com and she was super duper helpful…

Before I share Eketi’s story and the recipe, I want to share a little about my pot of Edikang Ikong. While sourcing for the ingredients, I ran into some “almost” hinderances. I couldn’t find water leaves, Ugwu(pumpkin leaves) or periwinkles. I almost gave up on the idea until I decided to improvise. For the Ugwu, I substituted with Kale; as it has that same crunch. For the water leaves, I chose to substitute it with Spinach as they had the same soft nature. For the periwinkles, I couldn’t find the ones used in Nigerian cooking, so I used the breed I could find at the fish market. To use them, I had to thoroughly wash them and cook them in some salty water before using a sterilized pin to pull them out of the shell. Cooking them first makes it easier to deal with. And with these three key ingredients successfully substituted, my pot of Edikang Ikong was AMAZING! Apart from it being totally amazing, the sleep afterwards was too real :)…That’s a good thing 🙂


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Sweet and Spicy Honey and Sesame Chicken(sticky chicken)


This delicious chicken is good enough to cause world peace. I promise you!

We first tried this chicken at a gathering that we attended and my ajebutters told me “mommy you have to create this chicken.” And I immediately began to brainstorm and from the taste, I could guess what some of the ingredients were.

The thing I love about this recipe is the ease. No matter how complicated your matter is in the kitchen, you could never mess this recipe up.

I know this recipe is not all the way Nigerian, but you could make it Nigerian if you substituted the black pepper with Uziza…You’ll love it. Trust me.

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Ewa Agoyin(Mashed Coconut Honey Beans and Agoyin Sauce)


If there’s any food I do not like, it’s beans. As much as it gives me gas, I do understand it’s health benefits and that’s why I try to make it as much as possible.

Ewa is known as beans in the Yoruba language and apparently Ewa Agoyin is a traditional Yoruba meal; which I first had on my first visit to Lagos. I was hungry and I decided to join some family members to eat some beans. At first, looking at the beans, it was mashed and a little sweet; then over it was this dark red sauce; which when you ate it with the mashed beans was amazing! I came to find out that the sweetness of the beans was due to the nature of the beans. It was honey beans; which is the best type of beans to pair with Aqoyin sauce. It’s soft and slightly sweet. One scoop into your mouth and you’re in heaven.

I wanted to make some beans and Agoyin sauce, but I wanted something different from the traditional, so I decided to add coconut to the bean mix. I like doing little twists to Nigerian traditional recipes, but it’s never something drastic and I have to tell you that with this recipe, I have no regrets. The beans comes out creamy and silky. And when paired with the Agoyin sauce, it’s oooh Amazing!


I can never forget my first visit to Lagos. I stayed three long months until I got home sick. I love Lagos as the center of excellence, but I cannot take the noise and the plenty people on the streets. Lagos is like New York city on steroids. I missed the hustle and bustle of my little city in Delta state. Lagos wahala was out of my comfort zone. It was too many people in one place at once. The thing tire me. Apart from that, the food was amazing and the people were very accepting. If you ever want to travel for food in Nigeria, Lagos should be your first stop!

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Nigerian Style Uziza Ribs


I promised to post this recipe, so here it is. First of all, I just want to say yay for my good friend who is in town for the moment. We all have that one friend who puts a smile on our face and kind of makes all our woes go away for a moment 🙂

I developed a recipe for braised short ribs last year, but I felt like it was missing something so I went on the internet and googled different easy recipes and the only one I really fancied after a year was the recipe by divas can cook. The first time I tried out their recipe, it was really good; the next time I made it, I tweaked it with some freshly grounded Uziza seeds i.e. piper guineense and kaboom!


When it comes to me fusing Nigerian recipes with Western recipes, I try not to make any drastic changes, but it could also be quite frustrating. I don’t know about other food bloggers, but sometimes my passion feels like a burden; and not only when you don’t have all your gadgets in place, but also when you have to think about recipes. Sometimes, it could be so over whelming, but on days like that, I take a break; a well deserved and long one to clear my head.

Now speaking of gadgets, our laptop has been over heating and doing some other magic and my camera has been acting like it has a mind of it’s own. In fact I feel like a farmer with a damaged hoe(the farm implement that is). The only people patient enough to use the laptop are my ajebutters.  Most days, I just leave it closed, sitting and looking miserable in the corner. But would you blame the poor thing? Ive had it for over four years. Blogging aint easy! And to blog, one has to have the right gadgets to work with. On days like today, I get excited about new recipes to try and photograph, but once I think of or remember my camera and computer, I almost lose interest…sigh! Well, Im praying and working hard for a Mac and a new Camera. Until then, I remain passionate 🙂

Back to the ribs! I loveeeee ribs and I was laughing internally when my friend called me and asked “please can you make me ribs?” I said to myself “she has been converted.” hehehe

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Mince Meat In Ayamase Sauce(Mince Meat Ayamase Sauce)


This recipe is very dear to me and I was saving it for the holidays, but I love you guys too much not to share.

This recipe came about through a conversation I was having with @chefseuny on Instagram. See, we are friends on Facebook and sometimes we have food banter. One day I made a Chinese pineapple bowl filled with ground beef and she asked, is that mince meat Ayamase? And ding! The idea began to grow in my head until I decided to make some one day. I mean, it can serve as our own version of Chinese sauce sha. Imagine turning a favorite past time recipe into staple and favorite (covers face).

My favorite way to enjoy this sauce is by pairing it with soft fried plantains and rice. Not just any rice, but Ofada rice.

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One Pot Efik Style Coconut Rice (Edesi Isip)


If there was ever any Efik dish I enjoy cooking, it’s this simple coconut rice. On days I want something quick and easy and one pot, this recipe comes in very handy. One pot dishes for me are quite exciting as it makes use of less dishes and pots! This means it’s less dishes to wash(I don’t like doing dishes).

I have shared before that my son has some food allergies and sometimes I run out of ideas for his lunch pack for school. One Tuesday morning, I made him a veggie cheese sandwich and I just felt so awful at the fact that it wasn’t “real food,” so I decided to think up something simple and easy to add to his food table and this recipe came to mind.

There’s no way you could mess this recipe up. It’s simple, easy and straight to the point with directions.

One other thing that pleases my palettes when it comes to this recipe is the smokiness and creaminess of the rice after cooking. It reminds me of Warri coconut rice; which when made comes out smoky, creamy and mmm delicious.

I love  Efik recipes because of the different variations they have. There are some recipes that’s are not so straight to the point, some that require a ton of ingredients and the ones like this.

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Ofe Okazi(Okazi Soup)


I am excited and my stomach is filled with butterflies as I watch my ajebutters eat this soup and love every single bite. In fact, I am full, but I want to go for seconds, just so I can savor the very delicate taste.

Ofe Okazi(also known as Ukazi soup) is one of the jewels of  south east Nigeria. It’s one those soups that reminds me of my mother’s kitchen…My mother made this soup, but not always as it was just one of those soups, you don’t just cook just because……

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Local Yam Pottage Stew. When Local Hits The Spot!!!!


Have you ever had those days when you were hungry and all you had were a few ingredients? Even though, I like the partially old yam, it’s new yam season and with no rice in sight, I made this bowl of yam pottage stew.

I have not always been an ajebutter. Growing up, there were times when things were quite tough. There were days when mother made native soup with coco yam and tiny bush snails. We also ate palm oil rice and yam pottage stew.

I call this dish pottage stew because of it’s slightly soupy nature. It’s not squishy or really broken down like the regular Asaro or Igbo version of yam pottage(ji’ akukwo). It’s made to fill whomever may be eating it and not only with comfort, but in the belly too.


As I cooked this pot of stew, a little bit of tears rolled down my eyes and unto my cheeks as I remembered my father. I remembered how hard things were at some point, I remembered how hard my mother worked and how this road helped me to grow to appreciate the little things that were done for me.

Things weren’t always tough for us. We lived as a middle class family when my father worked at NNPC(Nigerian National Petroleum Coporation). NNPC is a company through which the federal government of Nigeria regulates the production and sale of oil in Nigeria. While daddy worked there, we ate well, lived in a safe environment(NNPC housing estate) and had all our ajebutter friends to play with lol. My father worked as a supervisor at the Jetty. I remember him explaining to us once that the Jetty was the place through which the oil was brought and shipped out after being processed. He said each production of oil and it’s sales could feed the whole of Nigeria for a month without any problem.

At some point, my father was retired and we had to move out of the estate to an accommodation we could afford. I was quite young and really didn’t understand why we had to move. We eventually became a government of ourselves; as it is with most Nigerian citizens. We had to get our own water, our own security, transportation and power. We always had a farm, so we ate pretty much all we grew and that helped us a great deal.

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Pan Fried Coconut Jollof Chicken


I have a perpetual love for chicken wings and I have made it in all kind of ways this Summer. As the Summer comes to an end, I want to share a recipe that would give my readers something to remember as we go into the cold season.

I had written the first draft of this and I lost it. I don’t know who sent me to use my old laptop. The thing had already died, but I tried to revive it; as I haven’t been able to afford a new one in the spec that I need. I figured a Mac would be better and I trust God to provide me with it. Windows dun show me say I need to move on. Anyway, my oldie laptop said no and she and froze on me. Now I’m here, looking all shades of crazy, trying to remember all I had typed for the body of this recipe 🙂

There is something comforting about biting into a chicken wing. Apart from Jollof rice and plantain, it’s the next best thing to me when it comes to food. There are days I crave chicken wings so much that I can begin to smell it in my nostrils. On this particular day, I came home from a three mile walk and I could already taste the wings in my mouth and to my self I asked “which kind thing be this?!” I already lost some weight, so why this wing craving? You don’t have to provide an answer……(rhetoric)

How does it taste? Recently, I have been crushing on Phyno. In fact I call him my husband; then I listened to Tekno’s Pana and fell instantly in love. There’s something about a bad boy that makes women to lose themselves hehehe…So there I was on the floor of my bed room eating my chicken wings and nodding to Pana 🙂 …Eating my chicken wings also reminded me of when my son finally tasted soy butter and jelly for the first time. The way he described it was funny, but to a foodie like me, I understood every gesture. He said “mommy, I want that soy butter and jelly sandwich again for lunch. It tastes like peanut butter and when I bit into it like this (he gestured) mmm mmm it tasted so good!” So yes my chicken wings were mmm mmm good like the swag of Phyno and the naughtiness of Teckno…only those who have attended this groove will know what I mean 🙂

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